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"STORIES" Is Streaming Now!

Stream the original documentary here!

It’s with great joy and happiness that I can finally announce that my first short documentary, STORIES, is now available to stream. This film, and the making of it, has been quite a journey filled with so many distinct and impactful moments - everything from the editing process to each 1-5 minute interview with the cast, and I am so grateful that I could be surrounded by so many amazing people who were able to help make this dream of mine a reality. Without all of you, this film couldn’t exist.

A quick thanks to everyone who helped on the technical side of the process, whether that meant helping me set up a space and time to interview people, advising the editing process, or anything in between.

Going off of that, I want to extend the most special of thanks to the fifty-five participants (and stars) of the film, for not only supporting the documentary making process, but for agreeing to sit down for a couple minutes and open up to an iPhone camera about their past, their present, and their hopes for the future. STORIES is about people, and I will forever be grateful that everyone who signed up to be interviewed was so willing to share their unique life experiences and mantras for the world to see. You guys are not only the subjects of this film, but its heartbeat as well - and I truly cannot thank you all enough.

That being said, enjoy the documentary. I hope you find some sort of meaning within the minutes, and I sincerely hope the words of others serve as a reminder for how amazing people can be.


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