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All "STORIES" Extras Now Uploaded

The documentary is streaming here, the behind the scenes featurette is streaming here, and the question and answer panel is streaming here!

Just in case you're looking for more STORIES content to consume after watching the documentary, look no further.

"Behind The Scenes: STORIES" is a five minute featurette with a variety of clips that were filmed but not completely utilized in the final product of the documentary. Scenes include more shots of campus life, more footage from basketball games, and additional content from interviews with seniors about what message they want to leave behind for the rest of the student body.

"Q&A: STORIES" is a 17 minute long question and answer panel with director Kaveh Jalinous hosted by Enrique Galvan, co-host of "Love To See It" podcast. The two discuss inspiration behind making the film, the filming process itself, and how COVID-19 interrupted the filming and release process for the film.

Both are streaming now along with the documentary, and will be available until the film's streaming run ends on May 20th, 2020.



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