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Hi There.

My name is Kaveh Jalinous, and I am a screenwriter, freelance journalist, film and television critic, and podcast host based in the New York-city area.

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In Detail.

I've been into film ever since I was ten years old, discovering the magic of the silver screen by watching Tom Cruise's intense Burj Khalifa climb in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. From there, I've tried to explore the ever-changing industry through a variety of mediums. In 2014, that journey led me to the creation of this website.

While this site began as a small hub for one-sentence, bite-sized film reviews
, it has since transformed into a portfolio to connect all of my writing and creative projects. You can still find my reviews, but they are now paired alongside features and editorials from different publications, podcast episodes, and any other souvenirs from my journey covering the entertainment industry.


Currently, I am writing freelance for different publications, with my pieces published at places like Book and Film Globe or Film Daze. Alongisde writing, I also host a podcast, Kaveh J.'s Screening Room, whose episodes release every other Thursday at 12 p.m. E.S.T. Additionally, I am currently developing several creative projects (including a couple of television pilots). Finally, I am working on ways to combine my love of film with my passion for music. More on that soon.

I'm so glad you made it here, and hope you stick around to see what's coming next!

Let's Connect.

If you want to learn more about me or have any further inquiries, I can be contacted through the following email address.

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