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Wild Rose (2018): Film Review

Every once in a while, as if from nowhere, a movie comes along. This movie is unlike others, because from the very start of the movie, you know you are going to absolutely love it. And chances are, you're right. This kind of perception has been very limited for me, and I've never really been able to experience it constantly. But for some reason, sitting down in the theatre watching the film studios grace the screen before Wild Rose began, I had a feeling, just some random feeling, that I was going to absolutely love the movie that was going to play for the next 101 minutes. And, about halfway through the beautiful, harrowing, and sensational film, I knew I was right. Wild Rose is not genre breaking, as it follows the cliched "a star is born" plotline in a good amount of ways, but the spins it puts on the story makes it just great enough to stick out as one of the best films of the year. The film tells the story of Rose-Lynn, an aspiring country singer fresh out of prison with one goal in mind: to make it to Nashville. Coming from the Scottish city of Glasgow, Rose longs for a place than can accompany the heavy dreams she carries, leading her on a journey to do everything she possibly can to get to the famed American city. But, with two kids of her own, she must learn how to balance their lives while making her own way. She must ultimately decide what's more important to her: her current life, or the one she dreams of making. Now, as I said before, Wild Rose is not breaking any significant barriers with its general plot. It's the kind of film we have seen countless times before, simple as that. But, in the specificity of the plotline, it becomes easily noticeable that the film isn't like any other "a star is born" story. It balances more than a career orientated tale, and does it in an effective way that keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens next. Plus, the film uses its lead star, Jessie Buckley, in the most effective way, showcasing the talent of the young and up-and-coming actress. Buckley delivers a stunning performance and brings the character of Rose-Lynn to life, and to our hearts. Through her performance (which is one of the top-tier performances of the year), she proves to us that just like the titular character in the story, a star is born in her. With her superb talents, Julie Walters shines (as always) as Rose's mother, a hardworking personality who just wants her daughter to appreciate the life bestowed upon her. With two smashing performances, a rock solid story, and a beautiful country-folk influenced soundtrack (with original singing by Buckley herself), there is little not to love about Wild Rose. And I guarantee one thing: by time the final song hits the screen, the film will have won you over. Simple as that.


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