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Unsane (2018): Film Review

I think that it is safe to say that Steven Soderbergh's "retirement" has effectively come to an end. Because, even though he announced that he was taking an indefinite break from making films, he has released two films since; the Nascar-involving heist comedy Logan Lucky, and now; the "shot on an iPhone 7 Plus" horror/thriller Unsane. After seeing both these film, and specifically the latter of the two, I have only one thing to say. Mr. Soderberg, please never go into retirement again. Because the razor sharp and mind-game presented by Unsane is just too good to let go. This film is not just another low-budget horror movie; it is a pioneer in its genre with a deep message that takes heavy root in modern society today. The film tells the story of Sawyer, a young woman who has changed up her whole life due to a stalker (moving to a new city, changing her email, etc.). Upon "seeing" her stalker everywhere she goes, she decides to talk to a counselor at a behavioral center in Pennsylvania. When asked to fill out paperwork, she obliges, but there is a twist. Little to her knowledge, she is involuntarily committed into a mental institution; where she suffers horrific hallucinations of her stalker, but are they real? Is she really seeing him, or is she just insane? The best part of Unsane is it's ability to grasp on to your attention, and never let it go. The film plays mindgames with you, and it is hard to determine whether Sawyer is really seeing this man, or if its just in her head. The film manages to twist and turn just enough times to truly stun the viewer, and blow their mind. Claire Foy was cast perfectly for her role, as she plays it to perfection; with the assistance of a brilliant supporting cast. The film is utterly horrifying, but not because of the occasional pop scare. Rather, because every essence of the film is creepy in its own little way, and when you put it all together; it is more than a low-budget thriller. Unsane is an unforgettable experience. That's the only way to put it. In the world of truly terrible horror films that are riddled with constant jump-scare after jump-scare, Unsane is truly a breath of fresh air. And that's how it should be.


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