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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017): Film Review

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is absolutely crazy. There is no denying that. From the wacky plot, to the insane twists and the intense action scene, Three Billboards is super messed up. But, that doesn't stop the film from being completely amazing. The film tells the story of Mildred Hayes, the mother of a person who was murdered, and her battle with the cops, who still have no suspects after seven months. Angered, Hayes puts up three billboards, single-handedly confronting the cops, and starting a twist of constant events and action, involving both Hayes and the police department. Based on a plot like this, the film just sounds stupid, and sounds like another dumb movie to grace the silver screen in 2017. But, Three Billboards is anything but dumb. The film is smart, action-packed, and entertaining from start to finish. And, a lot of factors make Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri the way it is. The most prominent factor in why the film is so amazing: the acting. Specifically Frances McDormand, who plays an Oscar-Winning Role from start to finish. She plays Mildred Hayes perfectly, and establishes her authority in the film from start to finish. Sam Rockwell does an amazing job as well, playing a much bigger role in the film than is expected. As always, Woody Harrelson plays his role to perfection, but in my opinion, McDormand and Rockwell steal the spotlight, especially McDormand's amazing depiction of Hayes. The script is also amazing, and delivers a combination of terrific action, dark comedy, and entertaining scenes of dialogue. A lot of action ensues, which was expected from the trailer, but what was not expected from the trailer: the amount of plot twists. I'm not talking about rapid fire plot twists, but instead more gradual ones, like changes in characters or the action of characters. These low-key plot twists are just more proof that Three Billboards, especially the script behind it, is pure genius. Overall, a variety of factors help to shape this amazing movie, that is more than capable of taking home at least a few Oscars, especially for acting. McDormand is more deserving of an Oscar, and her character is the perfect way to describe Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: awesome, smart, and completely original.


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