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The Disaster Artist (2017): Film Review

In the film industry and beyond, it is beyond well-known that The Room has been deemed "the worst movie of all time". That nickname for the film has helped it gain a cult following, and is watched by thousands every day. Just as Adam Scott says in the introduction to the film: "The film is more remembered than the best picture Oscar winner that came out that year!" And it is so true! Even though the film was released in one movie theatre upon release, the film is constantly showed at theatres around the world all the time. And that was all the inspiration James Franco needed to direct a film with the most distinctive comedy idea in years. The original film is crazy enough, so what was it like behind the cameras, what was the story behind the film? The answer to that question lies in the brilliant, wonderful, hilarious film The Disaster Artist. Personally, I have never seen The Room, upon hearing about how bad it is from countless people. But, after seeing The Disaster Artist, I don't need to even see the film. James Franco does an amazing job combining all the elements of the original film, with new actors and hilarious undertones. The film is all anchored by a beyond-stellar performance by James Franco, which is by far, his best performance to date. Although I have never been a fan of James Franco, it would be a complete lie to say that this isn't a good performance by him. Throughout shooting the film, it was said that Franco never strayed from character, and stayed as Tommy Wiseau, with the accent and everything, from the beginning of shooting till the end. And, you can truly tell. The accent is perfect, and although everyone else does an amazing job in their roles, none of them hold a candle to James Franco's electrifying performance. The film is beyond hilarious, and it is effortless, making the jokes even funnier and having more of an impact. It has been so long since I have constantly laughed at naturally funny jokes, and The Disaster Artist is filled with those jokes. At his funniest is yet again James Franco, who just strengthens and surprises more and more as the film goes on. The film isn't too short, or long, and knows right when to end. But, as you can see through the film, the casting was pivotal to the film, and the film had the best ensemble of the year, and one of the best ensembles ever in a movie. The chemistry between the cast was natural and perfect, and just added to how great the film was. Overall, The Disaster Artist is a beauty, and one of the funniest, riskiest, and entertaining films of the year.


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