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Tag (2018): Film Review

In a world of constant remakes and sequels, original ideas are hard to come by in the mainstream film industry. This does not apply to the independent film industry, which constantly sees new ideas and concepts being shown on the silver screen. But, for a completely new concept to enter over two thousand theatres is (sadly) not something we usually see anymore. That's why when the trailer for Tag came out, I was beyond ecstatic. I had never seen anything or any plot like that, and the entertaining trailer scenes and star-studded cast promised a great and original comedy. Sadly, Tag uses a great cast and entertaining plot and turns it into a complete bore, ruining the very concept of the film and perceptions of the audience. The film tells the true story of a group of friends who play the same game of "tag" every year during the month of may. This year, all the friends of the group gang up on "Jerry", who has never been tagged in all thirty years of gameplay. Together, and with a reporter tagging along, they will dare to pull of the impossible - tag the one person who could never be tagged. It's honestly hard to believe that a story like this even exists, and that it actually happened, which makes the potential of this film even greater. And, because of all this potential created by the amazing true story and the star-studded cast full of brilliant comedians, Tag just flops even harder as the film is nothing but a lifeless bore. Even though the film is supposed to be extremely heartful, and has the idea of "friendship" being one of the most important themes of the movie; I found the film to be extremely heartless, with no life whatsoever. All the characters felt extremely forced by the actors, and there was no character available that you could emotionally connect with. The relevance of the film itself was questionable, because the film had zero significance whatsoever; and I already know that by the end of the weekend, I will forget so many of the events that occurred during the film. Because, to be honest; Tag was nothing more than a forced attempt by studio executives to rake up cash from people who thought the trailer was hilarious. All the funny events occurred during the trailer, and the rest of the 93 minutes was nothing but over-exposition and a lifeless plot. All I can say is: run away fast from Tag, because if its anything like most of its characters, you might be able to edge away from their wrath.



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