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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018): Film Review

Throughout the 2000's, "Spider Man" has had quite the history. Sold to Sony by Marvel Comics, the studio fought for years to get the rights to their character back. This was due to the constant remaking of the hero film, as the studio couldn't really get one right ever. In 2016, Marvel finally got the rights back, allowing them to enter Spider-Man into their ever expanding cinematic universe. For sixteen years, the hero has seen an array of films, none of them (besides Homecoming) truly capturing the true spirit of the web-slinger. What the studio didn't know was that: all it took to make a truly remarkable Spider-Man story was some brilliant animation fostered by a marvelous script. Simple as that, Into the Spider-Verse is a modern masterpiece. Instead of giving us the stereotypical story that we have seen repeated over sixteen years, Spider-Verse reinvents the hero, giving fresh exposition, and a whole new world for a new set of heroes. The film throws us into the story of Miles Morales, a teenager transferring schools, and leaving the world he knows. When he is bit by a radioactive spider, he begins to see changes as he becomes a different sort of person, riddled by an odd set of super-powers. Things become ever more complicated when Morales accidentally walks into a fight between "Spider-Man" and various villains, as a space collider begins to combine different dimensions, and parallel universes. Long story short, Miles meets five different "Spider-People", and together, they must fight together to stop their worlds from collapsing, and their existences from fading. The story might seem complicated, but the film handles the tasks of the plot effortlessly, bringing on a lot of touching moments and great laughs for the audience. The animation is absolutely spectacular, and truly imitates the feel of comic books in such an original and unique way. The film is amazingly cast, and each actor's voice fits perfectly into the tone and energy that their character represents. John Mulaney as Peter Porker, need I say more? The action is non-stop, and is extremely entertaining, not causing any sort of strain or boredom on the viewer in any sort of way. The comedic moments truly shine, and are truly funny; unlike so many of the animated movies these days. The film's diversity is also spectacular, both in terms of on-screen representation, and off-screen casting. But most importantly, the film is full of amazing messages and heart-felt moments that make it so much more than just a silly kids movie. In fact, there were an array of various moments when I thought that "this kids movie is barely a kids movie". In fact, action aside, this animated movie can easily be enjoyed by adults as well. Because, while watching Into The Spider-Verse, it doesn't feel like it's even a kids movie at all. At the end of the day, the film is about finding who you are, and recognizing that you don't need any super-powers to change the world. Even more, the film is about growing up, and adapting to the world around you; no matter how hard the challenges may seem. The fact that all of these themes, and more, can be buried in a film meant for children, is truly spectacular. Trust me when I say that, Into the Spider-Verse is so much more than a kids movie. It is inspiring, influential, and down-to-earth. The animation is crisp, and unlike anything I've ever seen before. The film is fun, but possessive of serious undertones that make the film pretty damn amazing. If you only see one movie in the Christmas season, make it this one. Trust me, you won't regret it.


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