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Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018): Film Review

Star Wars has always been one of the most important and successful franchises in cinema history, and the franchise shows no sign of slowing down anytime in the future. Since December 2015, with The Force Awakens, the franchise has been releasing a constant slur of films, each one better than the one before it. Especially surprising was Rogue One, a prequel with heart, a good plot, and one hell of an ending. But, just because one prequel worked out well for the franchise, doesn't mean two will do the trick. This shows especially in the studios' newest film: Solo: A Star Wars Story, which is just as dull, uneventful, and boring as ever. Especially comparing to the other three films that have been released in the last three years, Solo proves an even bigger disappointment. And, that right there is a damn shame. The film tells the story of a franchise favorite, Han Solo, and his journeys as a young man, involving his first meeting with Chewbacca, and his heist days. That is about it. With nothing more and nothing less, the film proves to be insanely straight-foward, which is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Although there is one singular plot going on, and the film is easy to understand and watch; the plot is two-dimensional, and the character developments and motivations feel extremely understated. Once again, "Chewie" saves the day, proving that even since his first encounter, the wookie is more than a legend. But, besides the first 15 minutes of the film, the film loses its balance, and fails in all too many ways. Throughout the film, I kept asking myself one question: why was this even happening? What was the point of all this? And it's true, the film throws all these characters and events at us, without even pausing to explain why these events were even occurring. The final "battle" was absolutely laughable, with absolutely no action or entertainment whatsoever. The character development is abysmal, and the film just feels "off" from start to finish. You can easily tell that the film is just there to make more money for Lucasfilm and Disney, instead of possessing a heart and soul, like the previous Star Wars films and even Rogue One had. For the first time ever watching a Star Wars film, I felt dissatisfied and bored with every moment that flashed on the screen. And, everything that occurred in the film just proved to me that Solo: A Star Wars Story was a completely unnecessary addition to an already fine franchise. I just hope that this isn't what the Summer Movie Season will be like, because if so, the season will be incredibly disappointing. And that's just facts.



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