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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017): Film Review

The story of Wonder Woman herself is an amazing one. Coming from a tribe called the Amazons, nestled on a small island invisible to man, she goes out into the real world and battles villain after villain. An amazingly popular comic and character, Wonder Woman is an iconic character in superhero history. Earlier this year, we got to see Gal Gadot shine as Wonder Woman in Patty Jenkins' film of the same title. Now, four months later, a different story is presented, one relating to the superwoman, but differing in many ways. Instead of telling the story of Wonder Woman herself, Professor Marston & The Wonder Women tells the story of the man, and two women, who created the superhero itself. The film balances between telling the story of the love between these three people and telling the story of the creation of the comic itself. Throughout the way, we see the creation of the lie detector, and loads of drama, pouring out minute by minute. The film is not a bad one, but is nothing too amazing. Although the film's story is very interesting, and unknown to most, it feels as if they are addressing the plot of the love too heavily, and not enough about the creation of the comic. The film is filled with lots of intense scenes, which take up a lot of time of the film itself. I would have liked to see more about the inception of the comic, and what happens after, but that is only at the last 15 minutes of the film, and sprinkled throughout the film at tiny intervals that rarely occur. Luke Evans and Rebecca Hall play their roles well, and capture the essence of their characters with no problem. The script is great, and the film, for the most part, is entertaining to watch. Besides the parallel plots intersecting badly, the film is great. But, the intersection of these two stories brings the film down, and makes it just another average film. The story is amazing, but the telling is off. That is the biggest problem, and a problem that causes severe effects that are constantly visible throughout Professor Marston & The Wonder Women.



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