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Peter Rabbit (2018): Film Review

The release of Peter Rabbit marks the second live-action kids movie to hit theatres, following January's marvelous release of Paddington 2, elevating the live-action film game to completely new heights, and showing how a kids movie can truly delight audiences of every age. (For Paddington 2 review, see January Archives page) Almost one month since that release, we have been given another live-action kids movie, one that tries very hard to be cool, amusing, and a laughable delight. The result: a film with a messy plot and no charm whatsoever, which is a complete misuse of its all star cast, including Late Late Show host James Corden. The film gets a few things right though, that's for sure. The film is hilarious, and jokes are sent rapid-fire at the audience, hitting home with lots of kids and even more adults, surprisingly. James Corden shines in his role as Peter, and is perfectly cast into the role. He leads the cast in great performances all together, and the film is constantly entertaining, and very fast-paced. So, where did Peter Rabbit mess up, where did it get things wrong? It may just be that Paddington 2 set the bar so high for these kinds of films, that Peter Rabbit just wasn't fit, but regardless, this film has many mistakes. The movie is consistently repetitive, and the same conflict just repeats itself over again. By the end of the film, it just an endless cycle of the same conflict, repeating over and over again. The film has zero depth, and pays almost no homage to Belatrix Potter and her beloved stories. The film tries to be hip, and by doing that, it betrays all of its roots and tries to be something that its not. One of the reasons Paddington 2 was so good, was that it didn't try hard to impress the audience, it had an epic plot, great characters, and a ton of charm. Peter Rabbit has none of that, and is sloppy in its delivery; showing that a good live-action movie requires more than just humor. Sure, I laughed, I'll admit it, but it felt like that was all the movie was there for, to make the audience laugh, and nothing more. So, with all its potential, Peter Rabbit does not live up to the hype its trailers, and cast, set for it. Instead, it falls into yet another kids movie with forced humor, zero depth, and an easily forgettable experience.


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