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Paddington 2 (2017): Film Review

In January 2015, a new kind of live-action family movie was introduced to the world. One with endless creativity, visually striking scenes, and brilliant cinematography, all fostered by great performances, hilarious humor, an awesome script, and the presence of a marmalade-loving bear. When Paddington came out, it was a box office smash, both domestically and internationally, and it was a smash with critics scoring a 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. So, naturally, the film earned a sequel, just like every other money making film that comes out. Only, this time, the sequel wasn't terrible. In fact, it was amazing. So amazing, it took its Rotten Tomatoes score one step further, scoring a perfect 100% on the Tomatometer. So, is it really that amazing? Is the sequel as good as the first one? The answer is yes to both those questions. Paddington is back, with a more heartwarming and hilarious plot than the first movie! The bear makes a triumphant return, with a heartwarming soul, an amazing motto ("If we're kind and polite, the world will be right!") and a bigger craving for marmalade than ever. And, it works so well. Everyone you loved from the first movie is back for more, and they brought their A game. Returning characters vary from Mr. Curry, to the famous security guard, and everyone in between. The film starts off with Paddington living in the Browne's home, all safe and snug, and completely adjusted to life in London. In Mr. Gruber's Antiques, he finds the perfect gift for his Aunt Lucy: a London pop-up book. When he is marveling at it through the store window, he witnesses a man steal it, and when the man gets away, Paddington is framed for the robbery. From there, a journey is taken, one that is unforgettable, and truly amazing. As always, Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins are amazing in their roles as the Browne parents, and Hugh Grant makes his debut in a Paddington movie, which he does a great job doing. The film puts a huge smile on your face, and never lets it go, from the opening scene to the end of the credits. Paul King has managed to do something that very few filmmakers have ever done, and it is truly marvelous. King managed to make a sequel to an amazing film that is just as good as the first film. And, for that, and many more, Paddington 2 is a film to remember. And, I, for one, see a bright future in the blossoming franchise that is Paddington.


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