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Ocean's 8 (2018): Film Review

Throughout the year of 2018, diversity has seen an increase in situations involving the silver screen. This is truly amazing, because it is taking steps to provide equality between everyone, regardless of anything. Now, the Ocean's series has seen a diversity boost, with a series involving mostly males and very limited females turn into exactly the opposite with Gary Ross' (The Hunger Games) Ocean's 8, which pivotally shows that heist movies are not made only for men. And, just in saying that, the movie succeeds in its own way. The film tells the story of Debbie Ocean, cousin of the famous Danny Ocean, and the story of her squad, and their heist; this time robbing the Met Gala, specifically the 150 million dollar necklace belonging to a famous model. Will the squad be able to pull this "impossible" stunt off? You're just going to have to watch Ocean's 8 to find out! The film is fun and extremely entertaining, with each character shining in their own special way. Each actress does an amazing job in their role, with especially strong performances from Sandra Bullock and Helena Bonham Carter. There are a lot of jokes sprinkled throughout the film, and most of them strike very well with the audience, providing relief from the heist onscreen and presenting some good laughs. Once the film starts, it just doesn't stop; the film is super entertaining from the start all the way to the end of the credits. But, the film is not perfect - it is flawed, in many ways. The film is extremely one dimensional, and there is only one plot, which becomes extremely overbearing by the end of the film. Compared to the original trilogy, especially Ocean's Eleven, the film is extremely light - because Eleven was multi-layered and heavy with character exposition and plot. Another problem with the film is how it utilizes its characters, making it seem like some characters are so much more important than others, based on speaking lines, screen times, and a lot of more factors. But, although the film has a few significant flaws, it still provides good entertainment and good heist fun, like any Ocean's movie would. The only problem is, Ross could have used the amazing cast and fun premise to elevate it to the status of the legendary Ocean's Eleven, but instead, opts out for the one-toned simple film instead. And, that's truly a shame.



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