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Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018): Film Review

I can't argue this fact enough: The Mission: Impossible series is one of the best action series' in the history of film. It's not even an opinion anymore, just a plain fact. Because ever since 1996, the series has taken its viewers on a joyride of crazy stunts (which star Tom Cruise does himself), insane action sequences, and an all around great time. Throughout it's 22 year lifetime, the series has seen five different directors, who each added their own touch to the movies, usually elevating the films to higher depths. But, director Christopher McQuarrie stuck around to direct both the fifth and sixth movies, and thank God for that. Because, throughout all the action films in the world, Mission: Impossible - Fallout does more than stand out. It sets a new standard for the series, and action films in general. And whilst doing that, it keeps the viewer completely on the edge of their seat. The film picks off right where the fifth one left off, and chronicles Ethan Hunt and his IMF team's battle with a group called "The Apostles", who are determined to destroy the world as we know it. Also facing the pressures of the CIA, and an agent intent on "cutting him off" if he falls out of line, Ethan faces his hardest mission yet, a mission that threatens the ones he loves, and life itself. Basically, he must stop three spheres of plutonium from reaching the hands of "John Lark", a ruthless criminal planning on using them for three atomic bombs. As the trailers showed, the mission would be Ethan's most daunting and complicated mission yet. And thank God for that, because Fallout provides a hefty amount of entertainment and a bulky story that works so well. The film is literally 146 minutes of nonstop action, and it's awesome. The stunts are insane, and provide great entertainment; especially paired with the fact that Tom Cruise is performing all the stunts himself. The acting is great, headlined by Cruise's tremendous performance, and supported by his fellow cast members. The Mission: Impossible charm is back and better than ever, including the theme song popping up in intense car chase sequences, the use of face-masks to interrogate criminals (usually used by Simon Pegg's "Benji", and so many more odes to the series as a whole. Perhaps most importantly, the film manages to swirl together serious plottones and fun action sequences without putting too much of one side over the other. The film is equally as serious as it is fun, and I think that's one of the reasons why Fallout is so important. I truly cannot stress this enough: this film is so important. Firstly, it proves that a series can survive a tremendous amount of films and still be good (ahem, Fast and Furious). Secondly, it is perfectly balanced, with not too much of one thing or another (a trait most films don't have these days). And finally, it shows that a action movie can be great and entertaining, without being insanely stupid. So, I leave you with this. Go see Fallout, as soon as you can. Because, this film will change the face of action cinema. And that is a guarantee.


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