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Kaveh J.'s Screening Room: 'The 'Guilty Pleasure' Comedy Film Festival

The season finale is here!

The twelfth episode of Kaveh J.'s Screening Room is available to stream on podcast platforms right now, including but not limited to: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Check out the episode summary below (click the title of the episode to get to the podcast's Anchor Page, where you can stream the episode directly or quick-click to your preferred podcast listening service).

A very special thank you to everyone who tuned in to Season One, it means the world to me. See you in a few weeks for Season Two!

The 'Guilty Pleasure' Comedy Film Festival – The season finale is here! In this episode, host Kaveh Jalinous is joined by sisters Leily Jalinous and Sasha Jalinous in the podcast's first on-air competition. The goal: to each assemble a film festival lineup of five different films that are both "guilty pleasure films" – movies that are liked and rewatched constantly without shame – and comedies (from 2000 and beyond). While the parameters may seem broad initially, that is definitely not the case, as the three clash over all sorts of different movies trying to truly craft the best lineup. Make sure to tune into the episode by this Sunday, where a poll on the KavehJReviews Instagram account, @kavehjalinous, will task you with deciding who has the best lineup of 'guilty pleasure' comedy films! Host: Kaveh Jalinous. Special Guests: Leily Jalinous, Sasha Jalinous.



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