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Kaveh J.'s Screening Room: 'Radar, Racecar, 'Tenet''

Christopher Nolan chose chaos. In the screening room, we did as well.

The tenth episode of Kaveh J.'s Screening Room is available to stream on podcast platforms right now, including but not limited to: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Check out the episode summary below (click the title of the episode to get to the podcast's Anchor Page, where you can stream the episode directly or quick-click to your preferred podcast listening service).

Radar, Racecar, 'Tenet' – With Christopher Nolan's newest film Tenet now available to stream on HBO Max, host Kaveh Jalinous is joined by special guests Cortlyn Kelly and Keyvan Jalinous to discuss and analyze the confusing piece of work. The discussion is almost as oddly structured as the film itself, as the three try to comprehend the plot of the movie even after seeing the film multiple times. Some topics discussed include outtakes on the film's characters and villain, Nolan's screenwriting skills, the film's incredible visual effects, what the film should have been called ('Run It Back'), and what might be next for Christopher Nolan. Host: Kaveh Jalinous. Special Guests: Cortlyn Kelly, Keyvan Jalinous. | .suonilaJ navyeK ,ylleK nyltroC :stseuG laicepS .suonilaJ hevaK :tsoH .naloN rehpotsirhC rof txen eb thgim tahw dna ,)'kcaB tI nuR'( dellac neeb evah dluohs mlif eht tahw ,stceffe lausiv elbidercni s'mlif eht ,slliks gnitirwneercs s'naloN ,nialliv dna sretcarahc s'mlif eht no sekattuo edulcni dessucsid scipot emoS .semit elpitlum mlif eht gniees retfa neve eivom eht fo tolp eht dneherpmoc ot yrt eerht eht sa ,flesti mlif eht sa derutcurts ylddo sa tsomla si noissucsid ehT .krow fo eceip gnisufnoc eht ezylana dna ssucsid ot suonilaJ navyeK dna ylleK nyltroC stseug laiceps yb denioj si suonilaJ hevaK tsoh ,xaM OBH no maerts ot elbaliava won teneT mlif tsewen s'naloN rehpotsirhC htiW

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