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'Kaveh J.'s Screening Room' Is Here!

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

A podcast centered around cinema, the industry, and the future. Weekly episodes on Thursdays at 12 P.M. E.S.T.. Stream it here!

It's with so much excitement and happiness that I'm finally able to announce my new podcast, Kaveh J.'s Screening Room! Join me weekly as I talk about all things movies, including but not limited to: the newest movies and television shows, the state of the cinema industry, and what we can expect from movies in the future. There will be a regular variety of special guests as well, so without further ado, welcome to Kaveh J.'s Screening Room. I'm so glad to have you here.

The premiere batch of episodes is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other services as well (Apple Podcasts coming soon). You can access all of those platforms, as well as my general podcast website, through Anchor Podcasts using this link! Below are episode summaries of the first four premiere episodes.

Introduction, Bad Movies We Love – In the premiere episode of Kaveh J.'s Screening Room, join film critic Kaveh Jalinous as he explains what exactly the new podcast is about, how it is going to be structured, and what to expect in the future. After that, he is joined by special guest Keyvan Jalinous as the two highlight six movies that they find underrated, looked over by critics, or surprisingly not as bad as they may seem. Follow Kaveh Jalinous and KavehJReviews on Twitter and Instagram: @kavehjalinous. Host: Kaveh Jalinous. Special Guest: Keyvan Jalinous.

Discussing 2020's Most Underrated TV Series – Kaveh Jalinous is joined by his cousin – writer, teacher, and critic Lily Moayeri – to discuss a show that she reviewed at length and that they both loved, HBO's 'Betty'. The two discuss and analyze practically everything about the series, including but not limited to: Crystal Moselle's impeccable direction, the smartly written script, and the incredible cast of characters. Lily's coverage on the series for Variety can be found here, and her review of the show for Under The Radar Magazine is available here. Follow both Kaveh and Lily on Instagram and Twitter at @kavehjalinous and @lilymoayeri. Host: Kaveh Jalinous. Special Guest: Lily Moayeri.

This Year's SXSW: How It Worked, If It Worked, and What's Worth Watching – Host Kaveh Jalinous discusses the thirteen films he watched at this year's South By Southwest film festival, which ran online from March 16th to March 20th. He first talks about the five movies he covered for Under The Radar Magazine, and then pivots to discuss the eight movies he watched as a casual attendee. The films aren't ranked, but he makes sure to highlight what they're about, if they're good, and if you should see or skip them when they eventually release. Host: Kaveh Jalinous.

'Zack Snyder's Justice League' and This Year's Oscar Noms – Host Kaveh Jalinous is joined by special guest Keyvan Jalinous as the two discuss the Oscar nominations, talking about snubs and surprises and highlighting some early predictions. But first, they spend time discussing what worked and what didn't in the 242 minute film 'Zack Snyder's Justice League' (also known as the #SnyderCut), which landed on HBO Max on March 18th with much anticipation and hype. Host: Kaveh Jalinous. Special Guest: Keyvan Jalinous.


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