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Justice League (2017): Film Review

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

To me, it was super ironic that a cover of The Beatles' song "Come Together" was the credits song for Justice League. Because, by the end of the 121 minute film, the super heroes still feel completely ununited. This is even more proof that whoever is behind the cameras plays significant effects on how the film actually turns out. In June of 2017, we were blessed with the first good DC movie since Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, in Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman. The film was fresh, and had managed to pull of something that no DC movie has really ever done: be full of light and color. Throughout the years, DC Studios has gained a reputation for having dark and depressing backgrounds, giving the fictional world in the story no hope, and in the end, the audience. Thankfully, Wonder Woman took a different path, and therefore, the film was praised by critics and fans alike. So, releasing five months later, Justice League had a lot to live up to. And based on the fact that it was five (without Superman) famous superheroes that were coming together to fight an evil, it seemed like a foolproof win. Sadly, Justice League is a sad reminder that DC studios and their films hold nothing to the glorious films behind Marvel Studios. Justice League is just another flop. So, what makes the film so bad? Why is it so terrible compared to Wonder Woman? The answer to that question: many of reasons. Firstly, the plot was truly abysmal, and was straight-up dumb. The villain was laughable, but not as laughable as the horrific CGI, that looked like it was done by a two year old. Throughout the film, characters (usually The Flash) tried to make jokes, but they didn't fit the tone of the movie, and therefore were just not funny. The film spends so much time creating the origins of Cyborg, Aquaman, and The Flash, that it wastes a ton of time, and wastes a proper origin to these characters. None of these three characters are likeable, because we barely know anything about them. They are like strangers to the audience. Justice League is boring, with a meager 10 minutes of actual, pure, entertainment. And even then, the entertainment finds a way to become boring. But, the worst of it all: the "revival" of Superman. The way they manage to bring Superman back to life is downright stupid, and throughout the rest of the film, Superman is moody, unintelligent, and a bore to watch. Zack Snyder had too much power over the beloved superhero from the start, and Justice League is a prime example of how Zack Snyder ruined the wonder and glory that is Superman. Nothing sucks more than a hyped up superhero movie, only to be terrible. And, that is a pattern that keeps showing within the DC universe. If this film had come out before Iron Man and the wonders of Marvel, maybe it would have been good. But, too many good superhero movies have made way for a movie like Justice League to even be decent.



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