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Jigsaw (2017): Film Review

Horror movies have been "on the come up" this year. From early in the year with M. Night Shaymalan's Split, quickly followed by Jordan Peele's breakthrough directorial debut Get Out, to the 'Stranger Things' esque adaption of Stephen King's It. Regardless of if the horror film is good or not, it will make money, as films like Happy Death Day has shown. So, of course the Hollywood studios are going to look for a series to add yet another sequel to. Enter the Saw franchise, a dying franchise with seven films, none of them actually being good. Telling the disturbing story of a serial killer who puts his victims through a 'game' before killing them, the series was taken too far after the first two films. But, with all dead franchises, there's always room for more. Surprisingly, Jigsaw isn't awful, but it's far from being good, or at least average. The film presents many goods and bads. Firstly, the film is entertaining from beginning to end, and isn't boring to watch. It's a short movie, and doesn't overdo itself, thankfully. But, the best part of Jigsaw: the plot twist. Usually, below-average horror flicks like these have terrible plot twists that make zero sense. But, in Jigsaw's case, the plot twist is completely unexpected, and actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it. And that's about all the good of Jigsaw. The worst part of the film is that it tries way too hard. The film doesn't understand that it's meant to be idiotic and stupid, and tries to actually set down a meaningful plot. The film is literally just meant to be an entertaining watch, nothing more. The other terrible part: the trailer. The two-minute trailer reveals almost every scene of the movie, which ruins the element of surprise for the viewers. This reveal slows the film down, as the viewer already knows what's going to happen before it happens. Bottom line, Jigsaw has a few qualities that make it a decent movie, but there are just too many bad qualities of the film, making it just another below average horror flick.


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