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Isn't It Romantic (2019): Film Review

When it comes to romantic comedies, it's either really good, really average, or really awful. For me, there is no in between. There are the classics: When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman, Crazy, Stupid, Love. There are the good-but-forgettable flicks: Trainwreck, (500) Days Of Summer, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And then there are the awful ones: Sweet Home Alabama, the Fifty Shades trilogy, or theoretically any Hallmark Christmas movie. The point is, you never know what you are going to get when it comes to these stereotypical and chirpy films. Isn't It Romantic attempts being both the romantic comedy and the anti-romantic comedy. And while it works in some parts, it falls flat in many others. Imagine waking up after crashing into a pole, only to find that your life has been turned into a PG-13 romantic comedy. This scenario, as crazy and corny as it sounds, is actually the direct plot of the newest comedy Isn't It Romantic. The film is technically two films in one, the anti-romantic comedy and the romantic comedy. And for the most part, the film does a good job balancing the two. The only thing that haunts the film until the end: by spending a bulk of the runtime complaining about the cliches that come with these romantic comedies, the film doesn't notice that it has followed all of these same cliches. And that just might be the biggest problem with Isn't It Romantic, it can't get it's mind right on what story it wants to be. By attempting to balance two distinct personalities, it often gets lost in the middle, becoming too much of a romantic comedy or too much of an anti-romantic comedy. You need to pick what kind of movie you are trying to be, and go with it, simple as that. Regardless of an iffy plot structure, Rebel Wilson shines in her role by doing what she does best: making the audience laugh uncontrollably. I have to admit, during the meager 88 minute runtime, I laughed whole lot more than I could have ever predicted. The film is simply hysterical, I will give it that. And for what it's worth, it's a pretty great film to escape from this cruel winter weather. Because from the very start, Isn't It Romantic knows it's not going to change the world. This movie isn't going to influence countless people, or make waves in modern cinema that will withstand generations. It will do none of that. But it understands both that, and the reason why it even exists in the first place. It's supposed to be fun, and it truly is. It's entertaining, hilarious, and a feel good flick. And at this time of the year, we'll take it.


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