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Incredibles 2 (2018): Film Review

Up until one of the best films in the career life of 'Pixar', the most far-known and best animated studio ever, the studio was making too many sequels to handle. This began to worry me, as I thought that the studio had succumbed to the idea of constant sequels and remakes. It began to see new levels when Cars 3 was released in June 2017, an unnecessary third installment to an already unnecessary series. But, just five months later, my faith was restored when the beautiful, vibrant, music-orientated Coco was released. And, that's when I realized that a few sequels are okay, as long as the original concepts don't stop. And, out of all the Pixar movies out there, the film I am most okay with receiving a sequel to (and I think a lot of people would agree with me) is The Incredibles. And, 14 years later, that sequel has reached theatres. And, although it's nowhere near as good as the original was, its still an entertaining, meaningful, and fun film; just like the first one was. The film picks off right where the first ends, exactly jumping into the cliff-hanger that the first movie ended on. But, after the entertaining first scene, the spotlight shines on Elastigirl, who gets a job offer to "bring supers back into the light". While she is out with her new job, Mr. Incredible is tasked with keeping their three kids (Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack) under control. And, both tasks will prove to have complications; including an evil hypnotizer named "Super Slaver", and Jack-Jack's crazy powers. And, that's all you need to know, and truly all their is, with Incredibles 2. The film provides good entertainment, and shines the spotlight on all the characters and events that made the first one so great, and it works. I was a big fan especially of the fact that the film picked up exactly where the last one left off. Most sequels jump far into the future, but with Incredibles 2, the action picks up exactly where it left off. Once the action starts, right at the beginning, it never ceases to stop; because for every minute of the two hour movie, I found myself constantly entertained and waiting for more to happen. Although the plot felt really bland at times, it still provided constant laughs and claps from the audience. But, by far, the star of the whole film is Jack-Jack and his "seventeen" crazy unexpected powers. The small baby managed to rake up almost all the laughs from the audience, and provided levity in serious moments. I hope that if an Incredibles 3 comes in the future, they can focus more on Jack-Jack and his powers, because the character they have created is truly interesting and entertaining. The only problem with Jack-Jack's crazy superpowers is that they feel fake, with random new ideas being added so fast, they feel like improvisation, rather than part of a planned script. But, overall, Incredibles 2 is everything the fans loved from the first one, and more. It would have never been able to top the first film, but this will do. Because, as long as you don't go into the movie thinking its going to be a million times better than the first one, you will like Incredibles 2 for its own movie - with its own ideas, themes, and everything else. And, after a hefty 14 year wait, that is more than enough.



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