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Hotel Artemis (2018): Film Review

Imagine the hotel from the John Wick series; but instead, it is also a hospital set in a rioting Los Angeles in the year 2028. Put that together, and you get "Hotel Artemis." The film, titled the same as the hotel name, had a lot of potential; with an interesting plot, a trailer promising a lot of action, and an extremely star-studded cast, ranging from legendary actress Jodie Foster to on-the-come-up wrestler Dave Bautista. But, all this potential just makes the film even more disappointing. Because, throughout the year of 2018, I have seen my share of bad films, but Hotel Artemis is a not just bad, it is completely flawed, and not even the stellar cast can save this mess from survival. It's just plain boring. ​ The film tells the story of "The Nurse", an elderly lady who takes care of 'Hotel Artemis', a 13 story hotel and hospital that only treats criminals. Protected from the dangerous streets, the hotel comes with a strict set of rules, involving not killing the other patients, no cops, and a lot of other rules that provide sanity and serenity to the "hotel". This all takes a turn on a random night, where the "guests" become a significant threat to each other, the riots destroying Los Angeles become too big to control, and "The Nurse" lets a cop into the hotel. Nothing good can come of this, and that shows especially throughout the 93 minute movie. ​ Although the plot makes the film seem action packed and entertaining, the actual film is nothing of the sort. Instead, Hotel Artemis is nothing but a big mess, filled with uncertainty and no striking moments whatsoever. The film is packed with endless subplots, and can't control them, with most of the plots feeling completely unnecessary and forced into an already overpacked movie. Character motivations are unclear, and there is no development in any way, so everyone in the film seems really one-dimensional and flat, which is truly unfortunate - especially when the film managed to rake up the sensational cast that they did. Overall, if you want a hotel for criminals, rather then spend 93 flawed minutes of the terrible Hotel Artemis, just skip around in John Wick till you find scenes with the hotel in it. Because, trust me, that's a lot better than this mess.


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