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Hereditary (2018): Film Review

I'm going to tell you this now: Hereditary will creep you out. And, I'm not talking about just for the 128 minutes that you will be in the theater for it. Because, after you see this movie, the more you think about the things you just saw, the more scared you will get. I honestly feel like I need to see this movie again just to understand everything that unfolded within it. Because, don't believe the trailers, believe the hype. Believe all the people talking about how "heart pounding" and "horrifying" this movie is. If you can't handle horror movies, then stay away from this film, in fact, run away from it. Because, this is one of the scariest, creepiest, more bone chilling horror movies ever. It is also one of the best horror movies ever.

The film tells the story of Annie, a mom dealing with the loss of her mother, a reserved lady who knew random people and had an interesting backstory. Annie and her husband, and their two kids, deal with this death in very different ways, showing signs of loss in completely different ways. And, honestly, that's all I can honestly tell you without spoiling the rest of the craziness that happens after the first 20 minutes of the movie. The only thing I can say is that: don't read or watch anything about spoilers of the film, it makes the experience so much better.

Usually, I don't rate horror movies higher than a 2.5 at most, which very few exceptions (It Follows), but Hereditary is not like other horror movies. The film is one of the only horror films that really tests the viewer's threshold for scares, because not once during the film did I have a grasp over knowing what would happen next. The film is smart, daring, and is filled with an array of spectacular performances, especially from main star Toni Collette. Collette is one of the main reasons why Hereditary works so well, because her electric performance is completely Oscar worthy, and solidifies the film as a modern horror classic. The film is absolutely insane, and escalates rapidly from beginning to end. For the first 90 minutes, weird stuff happens, but there is only a few major events that provides really crazy crowd reactions. That all changes after the 90 minute mark, where everything takes a turn, and the film races towards a insane climax, and one hell of an ending. And, that's one of the most amazing parts of this horror classic. It's entertaining, crazy, filled with amazing performances, and all around a great horror movie. If you are a horror movie fan, this is a must see. And honestly, if you are a movie fan who can tolerate horror movies, this is a must see. Unless you can't handle horror movies in any way whatsoever, you need to see this movie. Because I'm calling it now, this will be a classic - and that's for sure.



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