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Birth Of The Dragon (2017): Film Review

The main question I have with this movie is: Why? Why has the film industry come down to this. Where is the originality? Where did action movies go? Why is every action movie watered down into a mess. As 2017 has taught us, action is dying, with only a few hardcore action movies turning out good. Baby Driver gave me hope, that there could be more action movies with a great plot, music, and lots of action. But, it is films like Birth of the Dragon that shatter that hope. Telling the story of the epic fight between the late Kung-Fu star Bruce Lee and Kung-Fu legend Wong Jack Man, the film barely covers that story. Instead, we get the story of Steve McKee, a man who falls in love, after having a 75 second conversation with a woman. Upon hearing that she is being held captive, he urges Bruce Lee and Wong Jack Man, and that 10 minutes of fighting is about all the action we see. But, we don't stop getting sappy dialogue and terrible action, just in case you were wondering. And, a lot of people get beat up with one punch, so no action on that part either. Imagine every kung-fu action scene, and then subtract all the action. The result, is all 95 minutes of Birth of the Dragon.



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