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Fifty Shades Freed (2018): Film Review

Finally, it's over! Three films, four years, and a lot of hours wasted on one of Universal's dumbest franchises ever! But, finally, with pure happiness, I can truly say that the madness is over. Never again will a Fifty Shades movie hit the silver screen. It's all done. And, that right there, might just be the best part of Fifty Shades Freed right there, it marks the end of the messy trilogy that millions of people flocked to theatres to see. While the film has little that stands out for it, it is a pure waste of time, riddled with dumb conflicts and no plot direction whatsoever, aided by its two horrific  main actors for a messy experience, from beginning to end. The film continues right where the last one left off, and the film opens with Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey's (Jamie Dornan) wedding, and immediately after, their honeymoon tour of Europe. And, that is where the madness starts. The film wants us to believe something is really wrong, and the characters are in danger, but all the conflicts feel so forced in the movie, that it is a complete mess. From there, one major conflict arises, and that conflict is followed for the rest of the 105 minute film. The film just can't get control of itself, and its overboard conflict. Once again, we find ourselves wondering how a script like the one for Fifty Shades Freed even got written, with some plot points and lines feeling completely unnecessary and uncomfortable. There is too much music in the film, and you can't get through two minutes of the film without some clunky pop-song playing loudly in the background. The movie tries so hard to get the audience to feel for the characters, and connect with them; but the character development is at an all time poor, and by time the final climax arises; you just stop caring about what happens to their characters, or their fate. Let me put it this way; Fifty Shades Freed feels like the director just put a camera in a married couple's house, and interpreted the results to create a plot-less film that was essentially just a fat cash grab. I will give the film one thing, though: it was mildly entertaining, and much more interesting than the events of the first two films. So, while Fifty Shades Freed rises above the ranks of its predecessors, mindless direction, terrible action, and a horrible plot aren't enough to save it from being one big mess of a film.


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