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It (2017): Film Review

In a world of cheap horror movies with lackluster plots and terrible acting, there are only a few good horror movies per year. Ones that combine loads of good scares, laughs, and a great plot. One of Stephen King's scariest and most famous novels, just got the movie treatment (besides the film that came out in 1990), and thankfully, it has all aspects of a good horror movie. The film is pretty scary (it is about a killer clown), but surprisingly, there was a lot of humor mixed up throughout the film. The film tells the story of the "Losers Club", a group of seven unpopular kids, as they take on the battle of their lives: an evil shapeshifter who takes the form of what you fear most, and uses it to kill you. The plot sounds iffy, but the result is an impressive movie. The film feels more like a Stranger Things episode than a clown movie, and that's one of the reasons it works so well. The actors water down the scariness with constant humor, and jokes are cracked all the time through the movie. The film is scary enough, walking the fine line between being too scary and too little scary. Overall, It shows that in a world of low-budget, lackluster plot horror movies, there are still a few hidden gems.


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