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Deadpool 2 (2018): Film Review

Throughout the 10 year history of Marvel Studios, there have been two parallel universes that have ran side by side. These two universes are: the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the X-Men Universe. Throughout the ten years of timeless superhero classics, one of the universes has proven to be more of a joy and moneymaker than the other - the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On the other hand, the X-Men universe faded and faded, until it eventually became a complete bore to watch. In 2015, Marvel realized what was happening to the fate of their universe, and single-handedly saved it, using nothing more than a joke-making, sarcastic Ryan Reynold's played superhero who goes by the name of Deadpool. When releasing this film, the expectations could not have been lower (in profit views), but critics and fans alike were shocked when it became one of the highest grossing movies ever, and the best R-rated superhero movie ever. The studio quickly scheduled a sequel, and that brings us to now; three years later, with Deadpool 2, which does things so differently that it works a lot better than the first one actually did. And, that's more than enough for me. The film leaves off where the first one ended, and opens into the fight between Deadpool and an evil robot-man from the future (kind of like "The Winter Soldier", but the X-Men universe version), who goes by the name of Cable. Deadpool is assigned with the task of protecting an out of control mutant child from Cable's evil wrath, and throughout this struggle, we see all the favorites from the first film, and a couple new additions to the squad. Some of the highlights of the new additions are: a girl with luck on her side, Terry Crews' own superhero, and a man named Peter with absolutely no powers at all. The point is, the plot is so far-fetched an out there that it works extremely well. And, in the end, it feels like a raunchier and funnier version of 2017's Logan. The film is insanely enjoyable and accomplishes a feat that has proven difficult to other franchises in the past: it is better than the first film. With a lot more of the sarcasm, humor, and the action sequences we have come to expect - Deadpool 2 elevates the series to a completely new level, while showing that even with a new director, the series can still shine, and even thrive. The cast is perfect yet again, with the new recruits fitting in extremely well with the tone and attitude of the movie. Although the film does a lot well, there are still many problems that the film possesses. The film is slow to start, and kind of becomes overbearing as you reach the final ending. There is only so much humor that can really strike until it just gets annoying, and the second Deadpool becomes a lot to handle as the time goes on. But, these problems are minimal, because Josh Brolin proves once again he is a Marvel-villian powerhouse with his badass character, Cable. And, at the end of the day, the film is every Deadpool fan's dream: a funny, wildly inappropriate, insanely violent film. And, a lot of those qualities help the second film overpass the first one in every way.


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