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Coco (2017): Film Review

The main song of Pixar's newest film Coco describes the film perfectly: "Remember Me". And, after sitting through this two hour joyride of a film, I will do just that. Because, walking into Coco, I had very low expectations. The trailer looked boring, the last Disney movie was terrible (Moana) and animated movies are on the decline, with worse and worse ones coming out every month. Coco is everything a good animated movie, and movie in general, should be, and more. Coco is a terrific film with stellar animation, an entertaining and vibrant plot, great humor, and complete originality. Coco is the best animated movie of the year, and one of the best animated movies ever. ​ The film tells the story of Miguel, a young boy who aspires to be a musician, in a family where music is strictly prohibited. Fed up, he steals a guitar on the Day of the Dead, and with the first strum of the strings, he is transported into the afterlife. He meets his dead relatives, and must get a blessing from the most famous musician before time runs out, and he is stuck in the afterlife forever. Although the plot sounds far-fetched and a little stupid, the film is nothing of the sort. ​ At the opening of the film, the audience is presented with a short minute-long clip, with three Pixar employees explaining the amount of time and work it took into making one of the most visually stunning scenes of Coco. That short clip before the film just proves about how long it truly took for them to make the film, and how much perfection it took before the release. And you can truly tell throughout the movie, because every scene of the 128 minute film is perfect. Every little movement is necessary, from the hilarious jokes to the stand-still visual scenes to the mild action scenes. Every minute of the film, from the opening exposition to the end scene, is completely amazing. Coco is an animated masterpiece, and shows a bright future for both Disney and Pixar animation studios. Coco is purely amazing.

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