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Blockers (2018): Film Review

If you like or dislike the newest comedy Blockers completely depends on your expectations walking into the theatre. If you're expecting a dumb but funny film, this film is perfect for you. I 10/10 recommend it to anyone with that mindset. But, if you are looking for a comedy that elevates its genre, and takes the word "comedy" to new heights (such as February's wonderful Game Night), then this one should be a skip for you. While the film is great at doing its main job, delivering comedic moments to the audience, it skips all the aspects of a great comedy, and just settles for being funny. Have all the humor you want, but at the end of the day, this is just 102 minutes of parents running around to find their kids. There is nothing more than that, and nothing less. And that's fine, but it could have been something more. There's not a lot to explain with Blockers, as it is only filled with one plot. When three parents find out that their kids are planning on having sex on Prom Night, the parents ban together to find their kids and put a stop to their plans. For scene after scene, we are forced to watch these parents struggle, which can be funny at times, and so excruciatingly stupid at others. The one thing that this film got right was the casting. Leslie Mann, John Cena, and Evan Goldberg are three icons in their own will; and no one could have expected such a performance out of the three of them grouped together. Without them, the film would absolutely be nothing. Their performances are the Saving Grace that this film needs. That, and the constant comedy of course. Although I thought the plot was too singular, and it reached a point where it needed to stop; I can't deny that the film is filled with an array of laugh-out-loud moments, and at many points in the film, I couldn't stop laughing. But honestly, that was all that made Blockers the okay attempt that it was; the casting, and the script. Besides that, it just didn't feel like a movie that would make the silver screen. Rather, it felt like another movie that should have gone straight to Netflix, like When We First Met or the horrific Game Over, Man!. So while Blockers was an average comedy with decent laughs and a great cast, it is a true shame because the film could have been so much more than that. The film could have elevated its status, but it chose to play it safe. And that, right there, is a true shame.



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