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Avengers: Endgame (2019): Film Review [Spoiler-Free]

This review was written for the April 26, 2019 release of the film. It does not cover anything about the additional content in the re-release, happening on June 28, 2019.

It almost feels melodramatic writing this review, because for eleven years now, I have built quite the relationship with Marvel Studios, just like thousands of other people around the globe. For me, it has shaped many aspects of my life - including both my childhood and my passion for film. Although there have been some movies that have disappointed me on strong levels, for the majority of the studios' eleven year existence, I haven't had much to complain about. So, as I stated a few sentences ago, it still feels weird writing a review for the film that all of those movies, 21 of them in total, paved the path to. But, I promised a review, and I am going to deliver - so without further ado, here are my SPOILER-FREE thoughts on Avengers: Endgame.

The film is grand, and it knows it. Unlike last year's Infinity War, which stuck a little too much movie into its bloated run time, Endgame knows that it has to be a game changer, and it follows through in all aspects of the term. Walking into the film, I was genuinely afraid that it was going to be a formulaic mess, like previous Marvel movies have shown, but this film is not like any of the other Marvel films. It is bigger, bolder, and forward thinking. In the craziest, most insane way possible, that doesn't make too much sense when you think of it, it makes all the time spent watching the previous movies worth it, and for that alone, plus so much more, Endgame is completely worth the watch.

Now, I am not going to dive into the depths of the plot, as this is the spoiler free review, but in hindsight, the film is a continuation of last year's Infinity War, leaving the remaining heroes where we last saw them a mere year ago: out of the dust. The film is all about "avenging the fallen", and trying to somehow undo the "snap" that sent them into this desolate existence in the first place.

Although Infinity War was massive in it's own right, Endgame feels infinitely bigger in a way that cannot truly be explained. The easiest way to describe it would be to phrase it like this: the film is not only the climactic moment of the "Infinity Saga", it feels like the climatic moment of the whole cinematic universe. Every single event has led to these moments, and the Russo Brothers understand all of that. The two have created a script and plot that is out of the box, creative, and straight-up bonkers. And against all odds, it works, and well. I hope the studio learns a lesson, because when you are able to break out of the formula that so many Marvel movies follow, greatness can be achieved. Endgame has shown that. Even though I am a huge fan of the film, not all of it's ideas and plot-lines worked for me. The first hour or so of the film feels brutally slow, as the plot requires a lot of both constant dialogue and hordes of exposition to set up. Some of the film doesn't exactly make sense, and leaves a few plot holes behind as the film trails forward, failing to return back to some of the plots its opened. The film is like every other Marvel movie in terms of humor, which is slightly odd as the film feels so much darker than the rest of the lot. But, regardless of the facts, one thing is evident: this film is a historical landmark in the world of cinema. We have never seen an event this big, and we many never see it again. Endgame ties the Marvel Cinematic Universe together in perfect fashion, and for that, it should be celebrated. Simple as that.


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