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American Made (2017): Film Review

American Made is the perfect representation of money, greed, and the price of the American Dream. Telling the story of Barry Seal, and his transition from TWA pilot to CIA operator, to drug smuggler for the Medellin cartel, to secret operator for the White House. As you can tell, the film works its way through tons of twists and turns. Told in a Wolf of Wall Street type of narration, with Tom Cruise explaining the plot to the audience as the film goes on, the film works its way through a lot of material ranging in such a short amount of time. And, it works perfectly. American Made has everything a good drama has to offer. The film is extremely entertaining, and does not bore for a single second. The film is interesting, and has a great plot with tons of source material to work with. Tom Cruise plays Barry Seal to perfection, capturing his role perfectly. Cruise's amazing role fuses well with the entertainment of the movie, making American Made a gem in the film industry of 2017.



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