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A Star Is Born (2018): Film Review

In recent years, and especially in 2018, many famous actors and actresses have turned to the directors chair. Providing a new scope to their beloved passion, these people usually turn to neglected, independent, or small stories to tell. As they slowly begin to increase their skill in directorial terms, the confidence begins to rise, and the films begin to slowly get better. Eventually, these newfound directors find the time to direct mainstream, big-budgeted, and high grossing films. Although it takes a lot of time and determination, the actors and actresses are up for the task. That is one of the many things that makes the third reiteration of A Star Is Born so spectacular. First time in the director's chair, esteemed actor Bradley Cooper shows no mercy, making a film capable of a legendary director. The film is beautiful, heartbreaking, and anything but "Shallow", which is coincidentally it's main song.

The film tells the story of the relationship between a country music star named Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) and Ally (played by the fantastic Lady Gaga), a lady too afraid to show the world her voice. As they begin to develop a relationship, Maine invites her to one of his concerts, and gives her the chance to perform a song with him onstage. Giving Ally the time to shine, Maine shows to the world exactly how good she is, and how her voice will change the world. From there, the audience watches as Ally's career begins to grow, and how this affects her relationship with Maine. Clocking in at 135 minutes, the film is lengthy, but it is almost impossible to get bored, because every scene is filled with passion, intensity, and a thirst for greatness. But, something really sets A Star Is Born apart. Although there are a lot of things that prove this film's eternal greatness, nothing is more perfect than Lady Gaga's performance as Ally, which single-handedly proves that Gaga can do more than just sing.

When looking back on the film, I honestly cannot think of anyone else who could have embodied Ally's voice and personality so well. Although this is her second acting gig altogether (Gaga starred in a season of American Horror Story), she treats the story, and her character, so beautifully, and is complete perfection in every scene. Her voice is absolutely astonishing, and is so clear and precise that you can literally feel her emotion in her tone, a feat that is hard to accomplish. Her electric performance is merely aided by Bradley Cooper, who also plays his role to complete perfection. Although Cooper's acting was astonishing, what was perhaps most impressive in his role in the film is how he directed his actions. It is not easy to describe, but when Cooper is directing the camera around Maine, he does it with such intensity and skill that it is truly hard to grasp the concept that this is just a rookie director. Being a terrific actor has worked out well for him, because he has been able to pick up all these styles from famous directors he worked with, and he uses them perfectly in A Star. Every scene is intense and filled with amazing dialogue, spectacular voices, and this intensity that is hard to describe without showing you the movie itself.

It is important to know that A Star Is Born is not a new idea to the film industry. Not only has the film been made twice already (1934 and 1976), but it's central idea and story have been remade a hefty number of times, just with a slightly different plot and different actors. But Cooper's Star is unlike these other films. For a concept that has been recycled a countless amount of times, Cooper brings new life into the idea itself. With perfect casting, brilliant direction, and an all around great film, it's safe to say that Cooper has created a complete masterpiece. A film that will set the standards higher for the future, and a film that promises a powerful and mesmerizing career path for Cooper as a director. The only thing that worries me is if Bradley Cooper decides not to direct another film, or if Lady Gaga decides to stop acting. Because I know pure talent when I see it, and that is exactly what I saw in this film. To put it simply, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's A Star Is Born is a modern masterpiece that will change the face of cinema forever. And no matter how much I stress it, I won't be able to stress it enough. See A Star Is Born, you won't regret it. I guarantee that.



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