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The Foreigner (2017): Film Review

Martin Campbell's (Director, Casino Royale) newest action flick had all the promising qualities of an entertaining, worthwhile film. The film had two amazingly famous action-film stars: legendary Jackie Chan, and ex-007 Pierce Brosnan. The trailer delivered a promising premise, and hinted at an excellence performance by both Chan and Brosnan. With a moderately high budget for a down-to-down action movie, there was a lot to be expected. Sadly, The Foreigner was anything but amazing. The film tells the story of Quan Ngoc Minh (Jackie Chan), whose daughter was killed in a London bank bombing, claimed by the IRA. Upon grieving for his daughter, he starts to confront British government official Liam Hennessey (Pierce Brosnan), who Quan believes has the names of the bombers. What ensues is Quan sending Hennessey warnings, small bombs effecting no one, throughout the film. And that is all we see until the end, where a meager five minute action scene envelops, failing to satisfy the hopes the audience has of a great fight. And that is just one of the many reasons why The Foreigner is a huge disappointment. The film wants to be a political thriller rather than an action movie. Therefore, the plot is way too thick, and there is not enough action to justify the plot. Chan and Brosnan are terrible in their roles, with Brosnan easily being the most annoying film character of 2017. Jackie Chan is a legendary action star, and instead of performing to his capabilities, Chan barely gets into any action, or even talking. On the other hand, Brosnan talks to much, with a way too heavy Irish accent and a way too dramatic tone throughout the movie. The Foreigner is downright boring, with nothing to offer. With a waste of talent, and action, the film tries too hard to have all the aspects of a great movie, leaving it to just fail entirely.


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