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Thank You For Your Service (2017): Film Review

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

War films are always a good bet at making some money at the box office. Therefore, there is always war-flick after war-flick, usually set with the same kind of plot but in a different place or time. But lately, war films have been changing the spectrum on plots, with more creative ways of telling the familiar story of war, such as June's Megan Leavey, which was one of the best films of the year. The film was wholly original, and was set apart from all other war movies I have seen. Such is Universal and Dreamwork's Thank You For Your Service, which doesn't focus on what happens during the war; but what happens after. We see bits and pieces of veteran's experiences with PTSD, but there has never been a full movie released on the topic. Therefore, Thank You For Your Service is completely original, with a very interesting and entertaining plot. The film is truly emotional from start to finish, and the acting assists with the emotional moments the film presents. Miles Teller, an actor who has proved his status over the years, sinks into his role perfectly, and is one of the best parts of the film. Amy Schumer takes on a serious role for the first time in her acting career, and actually does a mediocre job for her first time. But, just as most films do, the film has a few problems that set the film apart from the great war movies, such as American Sniper and Lone Survivor. The film doesn't feel like it's reaching a climax, which was my biggest problem with Thank Your For Your Service. Because of this, the first third of the movie is incredibly slow, and doesn't feel like it's going anywhere meaningful. The trailer showed most of the movie, which makes it feel like you're watching the film for the second time, which also slows the plot down. But, after you make it past the 1/3rd mark, the film rapidly picks up, and gets much more meaningful and emotional. Overall, Thank You For Your Service is far from perfect, but it is a well-enough film that takes a different perspective of war and shows how hard the struggle is for veterans with PTSD. And the fact that a film has finally come out to show their struggle to the world, is amazing in itself. Thank You For Your Service has an amazing message, but the film has an interesting way of delivering that message.


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