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Suburbicon (2017): Film Review

Suburbicon is a mess, and it's a shame that it turned out that way. When the film's trailer came out, Suburbicon promised a fast-paced entertaining film, with three a-list actor and the directorial debut from famous actor George Clooney. On top of all that, the film was written by the legends themselves: The Coen Brothers. Overall, the film had a lot of potential, and seemed like it was going to live up to the hype. So, what makes Suburbicon so unbearable? What makes the film one of the worst movies of 2017? The answer: too many reasons. The film tells the story of Gardener (Matt Damon), whose wife is killed by two men in front of him. From there, the film just breaks apart. The plot becomes tripped over itself, and the story promised from the trailer is not delivered at all. Instead, the story is a snoozefest, with no entertainment, no action, and nothing to offer. Damon and Moore are at their worst, but they are not the real ones to blame. The ones who deserve the hate for Suburbicon are the Coen Brothers and Clooney himself. The script is by far the worst part of the film, and is the reason all the acting and the rest of the film is so bad. The Coen Brothers are at the bottom of their careers (the only worse script being Hail, Caesar!), and Clooney just can't bring this terrible script to the big screen. Bottom line, there is no reason this film should have been made. The plot was doomed from the start, the acting was abysmal, and the script was beyond terrible. George Clooney should just stick to the acting, because based on the way Suburbicon was presented, he deserves to be in front of the cameras, not behind them. The Coen Brothers should just retire, because they have dug themselves into a hole, and there's no way to get out of it. Suburbicon was a sloppy mess, right from the opening scene to the end of the credits.


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