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Murder On The Orient Express (2017): Film Review

When the trailer for the adaption of Agatha Cristie's classic novel Murder On The Orient Express came out, the hype was unreal. The trailer showed that the movie promised an all star cast, with a critically intense murder mystery that promised an exciting plot and amazing ending. Sadly, all that Kenneth Branagh's film is a boring pile of wasted potential, stuffed with fake accents and non-dramatic effects. Somehow, a murder story managed to be nothing but a big, fat, bore. And, that is just one of the many reasons why Murder On The Orient Express runs off the rails. The film tells the story of Hercule Poirot, and his detecting on the famous Orient Express train, after a murder has taken place. With time ticking on the clock, Poirot must figure out who the killer is, before time is too late. Scrambling around the train to find clues, Murder On The Orient Express is a thriller for the ages. Or, at least, it tried to be... The worst part of the film for sure: the fake accents. Nothing is worse than every single actor on the plane attempting to create different dialects and accents. It is unnecessary, and is a prime example of overacting taking place. The film is way too overdramatized, and the plot just doesn't pick up. The plot also gets tangled up within all the subplots, which leads to terrible consequences. The way the killer is revealed is just plain confusing, and takes way too much thinking to sort it all out. Nothing flows together correctly. The best part of the film is the opening scene, which gives the film the boost it so desperately needs, but it's placed way too early in the film. Because, after that scene, nothing occurs but unnecessary exposition and way too much overacting. Murder On The Orient Express fails, and it fails drastically.


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