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Kaveh and CK's Screening Room: 'Welcome!'

The podcast is back, and it's better than ever.

Season One, Episode One of Kaveh and CK's Screening Room is available to stream on podcast platforms right now, including but not limited to: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Check out the episode summary below, and subscribe to Cortlyn's Substack, The Art Idiot, here!

Welcome to 'Kaveh and CK's Screening Room'! – We've rebranded! Welcome to the new podcast, 'Kaveh and CK's Screening Room,' hosted by Kaveh Jalinous and Cortlyn Kelly. We'll still be covering the same topics–cinema, the industry, and the future–but, this time, there's two of us! In this premiere episode, hosts Kaveh Jalinous and Cortlyn Kelly first introduce themselves before diving into 10 movies you've likely never heard of that you need to check out. Hosts: Kaveh Jalinous, Cortlyn Kelly.


Image Film Credit: Sleeping Giant (2015)



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