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Kaveh and CK's Screening Room: 'The NYFF/CIFF Recap. Plus: Early Best Picture Predictions!'

The madness of film festival season continues.

Season One, Episode Seven of Kaveh and CK's Screening Room is available to stream on podcast platforms right now, including but not limited to: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Check out the episode summary below, and subscribe to Cortlyn's Substack, The Art Idiot, here!

The NYFF/CIFF Recap. Plus: Early Best Picture Predictions! – The fall film festival madness continues! In the newest episode of Kaveh and CK's Screening Room, hosts Kaveh Jalinous and Cortlyn Kelly are joined by film critic and writer Zachary Lee to recap two of the season's biggest second-wave festivals: the New York Film Festival and the Chicago International Film Festival. The three discuss their favorite films from the festival, including several of the year's most anticipated features. They then pivot to creating an (early) list of predicted nominees for Best Picture at next year's Oscars, crafted by considering previous nominations and the Academy's thought processes.


Image Film Credit: Pictures of Ghosts (2023)

Image Credit: Variety



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