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Flatliners (2017): Film Review

The film industry is running out of films to remake. Although 2017 has had it's share of great remakes (It, Spider Man: Homecoming), it's also had some terrible ones (The Mummy). For some reason, the film industry felt the need to remake Flatliners, a film about what happens when you intentionally 'flatline' yourself to see into the afterlife. The film had potential, with a promising trailer, and a star-studded cast, including Ellen Page and Nina Dobrev. But, per usual, the film got everything wrong. The idea itself was good, and the setting of the film (Toronto) is great, but that's about it. The film presents itself in the wrong way, leading to a downright boring, cheap, attempt at making a good horror movie. The film feels like a teenager show's first episode instead of a horror film. The film is filled with unnecessary exposition, and the acting is abysmal. Overall, Flatliners completely flatlines, and is a terrible attempt at a remake. Films like these are the ones that show that the film industry is fading away, and needs originality to save it. It and mother! were stepping stones in bringing the horror/thriller industry back, but films like Flatliners are reminders that remakes are almost always destined to fail. Flatliners is a flop.


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