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Avengers: Infinity War (2018): Film Review [Spoiler Free]

This review contains no spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.

Ten years ago, a small studio was formed, and they turned one of their most famous comic book characters into a film. Robert Downey Jr. played the superhero, and the film was critically acclaimed, and a box office smash. Thus, the story of Iron Man - the film that set the course for one of the most famous movie studios in the world: Marvel Studios. Since the release of Iron Man in 2008, the studio company has made 18 films, each being a critical success (besides a few, these films earned decent ratings though), and has created an universe for itself. Well, ten years later, the time has come for Marvel's most ambitious crossover yet. Every actor and superhero you've seen in each of their eighteen movies, all combined into one giant film. That, that's what Avengers: Infinity War is. The film is the strongest of the three Avengers films yet, and shows that although its been 10 years, Marvel Studios isn't stopping their winning streak anytime soon. The film tells the story of the fight against Thanos, the world's most insane super-villain. When Thanos starts going around the galaxy, collecting infinity stones (if you get all six, you have the power to do anything); it is up to the Avengers, who have grown massively since their debut back in 2012, to stop them. The film is every nerds dream, and marks the collision of two of the most famous sub-franchises of the MCU: 'The Avengers' and 'The Guardians Of The Galaxy'. The film is everything that Marvel has created: all combined into one 156 minute experience. And it works very well, at least, for the most part. One thing the film is not lacking on is the action. Right from the start of the movie, the action is constant - and each scene is completely different and entertaining. All the actors are putting in their all; and it shows, because each character adds something completely new to the film. Usually, when a film like this has this many famous people, it is destined for failure, but Infinity War manages to balance each of its many sub-plots, and there are a lot of sub-plots. The film is any 'Marvel-lovers' dream, because it follows the path that most films by the studio company do. It still has the humor, and the chemistry between the characters is amazing, but the film is unlike any other Marvel film because of it's ambitiousness. Infinity War dares to do things that no other Marvel movie would even attempt to do (and things a DC movie doesn't even know how to do), and it works very well in their favor. It's a pretty awesome movie, but compared to the likes of the better Marvel movies, it's a bit lacking in some qualities. The film is full of sub-plots, and while most of them are awesome and amazing to watch, some of them feel really forced and dragged out, which is doing nothing but hindering that lengthy runtime. You can definitely feel the part one effect, because throughout the whole film; you can tell that it's building up to something big, and that for the first hour, it feels like all it is is checking up on each character, and not doing anything to "assemble" them, like the Avengers do. But, those are just meager difficulties in a film that is a truly good one. Josh Brolin's portrayal of Thanos (the villain) is brilliant, and he truly brings the character to life. Overall, the way the actors portray their characters, and the chemistry between each character, is probably the most important part of these movies. And, it is safe to say that Marvel aced it. So, I leave you with this. There were a lot of ways Infinity War could have messed up, but the film is pretty awesome, and a nerd's dream. Part two seems like so far away, and although it's a year, I am counting down the days already. Marvel isn't straying away from their winning streak anytime soon, that's for sure.


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